Can squirrels chew through walls?


Squirrels are small creatures that came in Rodentia order. You must have seen them around your house or in parks or mostly on trees. Squirrels have more than 200 species alive, in which most common are tree squirrels, ground squirrels, chipmunks and much more. These are small, bushy tail and large black eyes. These said to have supervision. Their life span varies from specie to specie but the average life span is 15 to 20 years.


Squirrels are rather friendly to humans and prefer to live near them. They often make their habitat according to their preference. They can be found in homes or on your property if you live in a cold area. Tree squirrels prefer to live in woody areas or areas such as parks and gardens, ground squirrels live in dens or mostly hibernate during winters in it. While chipmunks live in plain areas such as mountains, forests and deserts.


Most of the squirrels eat nuts, dry fruit and seeds. Squirrels plan to store their food in holes (den) as they hibernate in winters and make sure to feed on a sufficient amount of food. They are intelligent enough to remember the place where they hid their food. Moreover, these rodents have continuously growing teeth so they need to chew more often. Thus, to reduce the growth of their teeth, they chew hard materials such as wood, steel, and even concrete.

Squirrels chew through walls

Squirrels are notorious; they have sharp teeth that grow continuously so they chew nuts and anything that came across in order to grind down the growth of their teeth. They do chew through walls as these rodents are either in search of food or they are hiding from predators.If you have squirrels in your house then you often had seen gnawing marks on hard materials. Also there may be some holes or entry points for their entrance.
Squirrels like wall cavities because there is less danger of predators to prey on them. Also squirrels that live in den find it as a more suitable place because it is dark and warm there. Squirrels prefer to live in small and confined spaces and feel safe there from any kind of predator.

What can you do?

If you find a squirrel hidden in your wall cavity, make sureto first exclude all the rodents and then seal the wall cavity so that there won’t be any kind of infestation.It is best to just call professionals to carefully deal with these rodents as they are not harmful. They will find the entry holes or openings from where squirrels come and leave, they will seal them close and eventually if there any squirrel left behind they will remove it. It is better to use the humane method for this process.


Squirrels are said to the symbol of trust in Native American society.Squirrels are friendly and intend no harm to humans. These are super smart and intelligent, they hide nuts into the holes that they dig in order to preserve food for winters, and also to deceive onlookers. They have a sharp mind to remember where they hid their food. These also can be trained for any sort of work.These are born blind.

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